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Welcome to Al’Taieu!

經過了約半年時間…許多的drama,許多的努力,我的COP任務固定團也終於上到了第八章的Al’Taieu島了( 也簡稱 Sea / 海 ) 。雖然對許多玩家來說,下到「海」並不算什麼,只要你的職業是熱門的,稍稍找一下也可以找到路邊團來過。但能夠跟數個在FFXI最好的朋友一起努力來達成這個目標,對我來說這意義很大。

So after half a year, lots or drama, lots of work, my COP static finally made its way to Al’taieu ( i.e. Sea ). I know sea access is not really something hard to get to most of the players. If you are playing a job which is high demand for those missions, you can get a random static easily. But, to me the most meaningful thing is, getting sea access with few of my best friends in FFXI.

I would like to thank everyone in my COP static:

Zoner – (DRK/NIN)
Thank you for the effort to level Ninja *just* for those missions, you are always our great {Boss}! Your tanking skill in the Airship fight is really amazing.

Veresko – (RNG/NIN)
(Since most of us have the worst sense of directions , lol ) Thank you for being the reliable one to lead the way in the labyrinths! And no, I will never let you sub warrior to do any mission, It’s for your own good :P ! (read: everytime Ver going as rng/war is a deadly CURSE to the party.)

Nanunanoo – (WHM/SMN)
The funniest and cheerful Tarutaru I ever met. Thanks for bringing laugh and smile to us when we were in the worst situation. And I am sorry for you disconnected in today’s COp run, (though everyone said that you would just go to drink), we will get your sky access soon!

Apu – (SAM/DRG)
No mission is impossible to beat since we got the craziest Samurai to do the Meikyo Shisui ! /cheer
But your wyvern Bo still gets all the <3, hehe.

Malystryxx – (RDM)
Every party needs a red mage; and you are always the best red mage I ever partied with! Hope to see you logging on more often, you know you are missed! :)

Special thanks –
Nocturnus and Razzo for the help in Mission 7-3 and 7-4! /bow

本來很想來個作戰回顧…但先看看一些相片吧 :)

Mission 6-4 One to be Feared

在飛空船之上的 Ultima 之戰,60級制限,編成忍狩侍黑白赤。

A fight on Airship! How cool it is!

經典的一幕,在眾人都快被打倒,而Ultima只剩下1% hp的情況下…結束戰鬥的竟然是 Nanunanoo 的 (弱雞) 魔法 Banishga 2。

Mission 7-4 A Warrior’s Path

編成暗狩狩侍黑赤,基本上是把天蟬按在地上來打 -_- 。

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