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Final Fantasy XI

Welcome to Al’Taieu!

經過了約半年時間…許多的drama,許多的努力,我的COP任務固定團也終於上到了第八章的Al’Taieu島了( 也簡稱 Sea / 海 ) 。雖然對許多玩家來說,下到「海」並不算什麼,只要你的職業是熱門的,稍稍找一下也可以找到路邊團來過。但能夠跟數個在FFXI最好的朋友一起努力來達成這個目標,對我來說這意義很大。

So after half a year, lots or drama, lots of work, my COP static finally made its way to Al’taieu ( i.e. Sea ). I know sea access is not really something hard to get to most of the players. If you are playing a job which is high demand for those missions, you can get a random static easily. But, to me the most meaningful thing is, getting sea access with few of my best friends in FFXI.

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