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Where’s Waldo?

放學後突然心血來潮想去買書…去了Page One逛。
在童書區本來想找地海英文版,意外地發現了 這套圖畫書。

Oh god.. that brings back LOTS of memory…

Back in the days when I was in primary school, there was a lesson on Saturaday for us to borrow books and read in the class. Hell this book was always on TOP of the popular list among the children. When I first read this book it was printed in a large size ( a bit smaller then A2 size I think), it was quite funny that few of the children huddled together, tring to find this EXTREMEMLY TINY man dressing as a weird colorful traveler in a busy picture packed with different people with their own events under a theme. And needless to say, this book was full with wrinkles , finger mark and tapes in no time, what a great honor to a book, lol.

I was so excited when I found this book, and purchased it without a second thought. Since the original large size is no longer avaliable.. I went for a mini one with a magnifer, very very cute holding in my hands. /drool

To those who are interested to see how a picture in looks like, I googled an example:

Waldo (or Wally) on Wiki

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