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First presentation on my FYP

Some information of the Animation

Format: Narrative / 2D Animation

Music used: Either self composing with keyboard or using a commercial one, before I am clear about the permission of using licensed music as educational purpose.

Duration : 3-4 mins

A brief note on the story

Place – Village Dne, the house closest to the cliff, a railway connectiong the city and the abadoned Village.
Characters – Old lady, Child, maybe the Reporter too.

A very brief note on the story (order maybe rearranged later.)

Part 1

1) A Reporter visited the house which is hanging besides the cliff.
2) A pungent and rotten smell fills the house, the Reporter found the dead body of the old lady.
3) It was the Child who didn’t know her master is dead (coz she is a robot in fact), and still keep looking after her master day by day.
4) The old lady were once a great scientist from the City, people took her knowledge and abadoned her.
5) While the Reporter and few other people were removing the old lady’s body form the house, the child turned away and run to the end of railway.

Part 2 – *Flashback*

1) The scene when the old lady and child moving to the village.
2) The child never speak, but took care of the daily activies of two. e.g. clean the house, buy food (a glance to the Village), tidying the book collections of old lady.
3) Every evening they go to take a walk. ( showing the relationship / comparison of the City and the village.)
4) A peaceful moment when the old lady is reading and teaching the child to talk.
5) The child wrote what she learned on the wall. The process of her as a robot being filled with affection.
6) A scene while the child make her way to bedroom. She need no bed, but a electrical cable for refilling her power.
7) One day she noticed the master not moving at all, but she didn’t know that is death for human being.
8) She keep on doing all the usual stuffs day by day, until the Reporter came.

Part 3 – Ending

1) The Reporter climbed to the broken end of railway, where the child was standing.
2) They were staring at each other.
3) (I haven’t decide yet, but I think it will be a open ending like the child will turn back and jump into the emptiness underneath.)

Concept Art

Basically it’s a process to rethink and to make up my ideas, with a rough graph showing all the relationships between the elements that may or maybe contain in the final story board.

I started from my very first impression to my animation, which is 「A Girl standing on the broken Railway」. Then I tried to discover other side factors causing this picture. Like:

  • 「Why?」 (she is standing there)
  • 「Where?」 (does this broken railway comes from, why it is broken, where does it leading to, what does this means..?)
  • 「Who?」 (Any other characters that is related to this scene?)

Actually I had fun drawing a map like this, having something developing gave me great feeling. I guess it will be a good reference for my later on production.

Early Artworks

Nothing betters then trying to visualize how I want my animation looks like. I spent some good time drawing concept arts and rough sketches.

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