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All was well.

You are taking a risk to read this post , don’t come back and blame me after 21, July, 2007. Or actually, JK Rowing is laughing on this spoiler somewhere, lol. :P

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Earthsea, I Watch

地海傳說動畫版 – Film Synopsis

Studio Ghibli and Mr Goro Miyazaki recently sent me the synopsis of their forthcoming film, Gedo Senki (Tales of Ged), which is to be released in Japan in July 2006. I asked if I might post the translation on my website, and was kindly granted permission. Any inquiries should be
directed to Studio Ghibli, please, not to me, as I have no further information concerning the film, and of course will not discuss it until I have seen it.


April 21, 2006.


(中文翻譯︰Karla,no copy without my permission, thanks)

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