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FFXI 數周記事

  • 繼上次空團Rawr打了快唱鞋之後,某天Leader Miya突然tell我,話上次打四神有錢分 <3 820k 入手。出席率100%的Ver仲分到我的一倍呢。
  • 星期二的Chest Assault 3/3 (^_^ ) 600 (5 人) +750 (4 人) +660分入手 ( 5人+ leader armband )~ 原來四個人打同三個人打分到既分係一樣的… Continue Reading
Final Fantasy XI

Welcome to the world of Ahr Urhgan !

So I FINALLY finished the installation, updates, patches.. etc. and able to get in to the world of Ahr urhgan, the new expansion of Final Fantasy XI online.

I didn’t try much of the new content. Tonight I got the ferry pass with a old Quicksand Cave Coffer key in Storage (lol), did Mission 1 & 2 (Which is a really really cake walk comparing to COP’s first chapter..), tried the very first Assault mission.