Final Fantasy XI


Real-life side:

(1)Finished the cutout animation… (well I didn’t do my work well ><)

(2) 龍的傳說插畫票選
please vote for me if you like my drawing!! >.<

(3) 同細佬一齊整的Flash game搞掂了~Link

(4)Story Sense星期一交Assignment #1…easy job…

(5) 城大秋祭我都唔知去唔去玩好…(過左未我都唔知-.-)
同人誌仲有大量存貨,要的Post reply俾我

Final Fantasy Side:

(1) I really really love my linkshell…

(2) Got COP expansion finally… but our PLD Slimray didn’t go online for a week >.< I WANNA DO COP M1 >___<

(3) I love forming some temporary static PT with LS members ^^:
Bastet: our kick ass Whitemage lol! Always able to manage mp well.
Kypdurron: a nice guy, good DRG leader
Tralala: lol he(she) is cute! another kick ass THF for having NIN subbed
Firstsamaurai: need to do better on holding hate XD
Confetti: Best blackmage partner I ever have, honestly I always don’t like to have 2 BLMs in the PT (I am BLM too), we operated well– I did the elemental buff and dark magic @ beginning while she nuke till the end.
Zoner: didn’t PT with him for a while… he is a nice guy too
Xigod: another lv 50 in my LS who capped @ the Limit break quest, a horrible kick ass RNG.. PLD’s biggest nightmare -.-
Dazell: another nice PLD in my LS, very polite, wish him lucky enough to get the drop of LB1 >.<

(4)Seer Armor whole set got! Otak is soooo handsome now >3<.

(5)Hey LS we gotta start to perpare Rank 6 mission ^__^

(6) Blackmage lv 48 now, to be pro! I gotta learn more!

(7) I hate to be leader, from my experience today I will never invite any RANK 6 to be in my PT. I am mean to be a leader! lol why I am always the one to boot bad members?
E.G. a THF that refuse to do Skillchain for Distortion SC….

(8) new record: 440+ on a distortion MB

(9) another record: died 4 times in one lv in one day in two PTs ( anyway I don’t care unless I de-lvled)

(10) lvling RDM with Sak, Evildr and Dazell @ Giddeus, we had a nice time. 4 lv 14-15s trying to kill a Yagudo Vatory! lol

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