T.I.M.E. Stories 故事整理

Syaans vs Elois vs The T.I.M.E. Agency

T.I.M.E. Agency – Time should be preserved the way it is.

Story 1: SOME people traveled in the past with “corrupted science”. Bob showed the agents the cube they brought back, but none of the agents remember this. Laura deciphering them.

Syaan (2532366) – They invented Time Travel, believes that Time can be Made better by changing the history?

Story 1: Professor Eric Desmarteau was the underground tunnel, put two gems into a marble manticore. A cloaked, silvered hair men appeared and taught him “secrets older then mankind”. After an hour, both men left, the cloaked one closes his void, a cube was left behind.

Story 2: Razobsky meet a Syann Agent, the Syaan Agent gave him Marcy’s DNA. That guy hinted that Agency approved a timeline that doesn’t exist in most realities. (The Zombies) He also questioned why Agency only wanted to secure the antidote instead of preventing the spread of virus (that turns everyone into zombies).

Story 3: Bob was the first man to be sent to an Alternate Timeline.

Story 4: The Syann Agent stopped the helicopter with Marcy on it being blow off by man from government lab.

Elois (108135) – The Immortal, if you are turned you will have the ability to travel across temporal alternatives.

Story 1: (After Lumen Fedei) You met the woman at the pub. She told you how Agency brainwashed you that time is unchangeable, but she will let you take a glimpse of another perspective. You found Bob very drunk in the same pub. “It’s easy to get free from time when one is immortal”

Story 2: The woman is now your mentor. She did the first “Sliding” with you, taking to you at an “alternative” of the current place.

Story 3: You found yourself in a pub WITHOUT Bob in it. She bites you again. To Eloises “Cherish is the soul that fills the blood”

Story 4: You slide to an alternative that’s few weeks away. You saw Bob is engaging a fight with Razovsky but he’s wearing another T shirt. You fainted again.

The Asylum

Bob letting the group of agents to take a look at the cube, which the agents DID NOT remember bringing it back.

Regarding the Cube: It is a quantum object, it is not in singularity in space and time. And you’ll notice that it has evolved since it showed up in the base. Its sides have changed, its dimensions too. It’s a kind of computer, or at least something that contains information and coded data. It reacts to waves and energies, and they’re working on deciphering them.

Marcy’s Case

  • After the missions, Agents viewing a video of Bob being questioned by the Management Board.
  • Professor Oslo Brän Ronn 
Director Deirdre Quartes – Professor Oslo Brän Ronn’s colleague, really pretty lady, called out a disciplinary commission on Bob.
  • Bob had a fight with Agent Razobsky at a pub. Bob criticized Razobsky’s role. (He was the one offering the DNA scanner?)
  • The board thinks that having the receptacles died is okay, “Zero-impact=visitor leaves no traces=death is fine.” Bob does not agrees to this.
  • Why Bob beats Razobsky up? Coz Razobsky didn’t save the other agencies?

A Prophecy of Dragon

  • Agency manipulated the facts by claiming that a dragon will assault the city, while the Syann controlled Milyafin claims they will save the town from oncoming dragons.
  • Found a bootlegger trying to sell a Quantic Cube.
  • The energy supply was gigantic, and it was from an unknown source in this world, a quantic tunnel formed between this alternate reality and here. They had to interrupt the mission by sending Agent Pete Razobsky with Temporal Convetor.
  • Found out one of the Doctors from the Asylum has ended up trapped on this far away planet.
  • Under the Mask

Anubis(Dog) and Horus(Bird), both called himself Razobsky.

Anugis told you he works for the same Agency, same agent who took Marcy away.
Horus is probably a Syaan, 3meter tall -> Syaan? = evolved biological creations with Eloisa foundation. He doesn’t like the struggles between Syaan and Agency. (Regret of turning himself into Syaan super-nature creature?)

  • They both own a different cube.
  • Time paradoxes at work so they can’t be in the same room.
  • We had to find the mask and put it back, but why?

Lumen Fidei

  • Accompanying the Papal to a secret meeting of the Christian Orders.
  • Find the Green Stone.
  • We missed an important mechanism in that expansion – The Faith Table, which varies according to the number of ppl on the both sides.

Possible Ending 1: (Elois) If you were with the Saul in LM, you will learn that Elois is infiltrating into Agency, You were also bitten and turning into an Elois.

Possible Ending 2: (Syann) If you defeated Saul and let Yasmina imprint the Gem, the Syann will thank you and let you know more stuffs the Agency never let you know. Bob thinks the gem looks odd.

Possible Ending 3: WIP

An Apple a Day, I Draw

Wacom Intuos繪圖板跟Mac OS X Seirra的不相容問題

♥懶人包︰買Wacom Intuos Pro (2016) 之前,確定你不是用Mac OS X Seirra

Intuos舊板泛指4/5/Pro三代 (2048級感壓)Intuos新板為Wacom Intuos Pro (2016年新板,8192級感壓,筆是平放在筆座上,然後請把改這個名的人拖出去斬)。

組合一︰OS X El Capitan + Intuos 4/5/Pro + 任何你發現出問題的Wacom驅動程式

鍵盤上的Command / Option / Control / Shift 隨自己意志自動長按。
我之前在公司經歷了長達半年的痛苦歲月--就是我的Command鍵會不時長按。鍵盤換過幾次,也懷疑在用的Mid 2007 iMac是不是因為太舊出問題誰會想到元兇是Wacom驅動程式?﹗(好了我用了十幾年繪版都沒遇上牽涉到鍵盤的bug就是了

救世主是6.3.15-3這個驅動程式,事前記得要完整解除現有的程式 (Applications -> Wacom Tablet -> Wacom Tablet Unitity) 再重新啟動電腦。這個driver只有在台灣官網上找到︰http://www.wacom.asia/tw/tablet-drivers

組合二︰OS X Sierra + Intuos 4/5/Pro + Wacom Driver 6.3.19-10至最新的6.3.20-8驅動程式


  1. 基本上不能再用繪筆在Finder上選檔案,因為你永遠不會按中你想要的檔案。
  2. 偶爾不能使用繪筆拖拉或點擊選擇所有應用程式的視窗,也不能用繪筆點下任何視窗邊框上的按鈕(如關閉視窗)
  3. 繪筆隨自己意志雙點擊。
  4. 用繪筆單點擊文章內容會變成全部選取。


組合三︰OS X Sierra 10.12.1-2+ Wacom Intuos Pro (2016新板,PTH-660/PTH-860) + 最新的Wacom Driver 6.3.20-8


很不幸的,你只能把OS X降回El Capitan然後使用驅動程式6.3.15-3,然後看著Adobe / Apple / Wacom三方繼續輪流推卸責任。用家已經鬧了Wacom半年,所以不要期望短期內看到問題解決。或者,努力學用那個不能關掉的Touch功能來瀏覽網頁或資料夾。


I Travel

New York 照片遊記-1

Day 7 (Toronto -> New York)

回到之前的小機場Billy Bishop Airport乘Porter Airline前往紐約。飛機蠻小,一機都是商務客,我們那天坐的是螺旋槳飛機呢。上機前可以享用lounge的小食飲料,還碰到了一位說廣東話的茶水間姨姨,似乎她以前一直有給在隔壁飛行學校工作的Jeff塞小食,今次也不例外嘻嘻。


第一次來紐約這個大都會還是蠻震撼的,多到數不清的高樓,有不少還保留了上世紀初的古典樣式。老是在塞車的街道,證明了用Grid System來規劃城市其實是不可行的…? Continue Reading

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Toronto & Montréal 照片遊記-1



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Stockholm 照片遊記-2

早上再次回到Hötorget廣場,在廣場側的Cafe吃早餐,然後到市內的Silja Line門市訂之後要去的Tallinn(塔林)郵輪門票。



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Stockholm 照片遊記-1


沿著Sveavägen大街走到Stockholm Centralstationen(中央車站),往西隨意走到另一個島上的Stadshuset(市政廳),發現要參加導賞團才可以入內。因為時間不合,打算第二天才回來參加。

之後到Gamla Stan(舊城區)閒逛,下午茶在城中廣場附近的地庫餐廳解決~,也買了套票參觀島上瑞典皇宮的四個展覽館。


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Europe Trip 2012 – Travel Plan


今次主力遊芬蘭,但因為飛首都Helsikin(赫爾辛基)的機票都不便宜,最後決定飛去隔了一個海的瑞典首都Stockholm(斯德哥爾摩),用Eurail One Country Pass(Finland)坐便宜郵輪來往兩國首都。

然後因為Helsinki跟愛沙尼亞首都Tallinn(塔林)只是兩小時船程,也順道一遊這個東歐小國~ (時間多一點的話我絕對會計劃去St.Petersburg ><,下次下次…) Continue Reading